Three Tips on Selling Alamogordo Real Estate.


Its not as cut and dry as it was a couple years ago when the New Mexico real estate market was booming. Before 2007 you could simply mention a listing was going up for sale and it could be sold before it even hit the market. Prices were sky rocketing and escalation clauses were on the rise. (A clause in which the Sell your Alamogordo real estatebuyer agrees to pay a certain amount over the highest offer presented.)

But now, things are quite a bit different. Buyers of Alamogordo real estate have an abundance of inventory to choose from and home prices are down. For buyers, it is an excellent time to buy as mortgage rates continue to drop and buyers can negotiate for quite a bit. But for Alamogordo sellers it's another story. What can a seller do in this market to help boost not only the sale of their home but also the appeal?

Here are three ways you can help the sale of your home.

  • Price it right from the beginning.

No seller wants to hear what every agent will tell them about where their home should be priced. But if you want to sell in this market, you have to be ahead of the game. A few years ago a seller could price a home on the higher side and then come down if needed. Now, sellers are chasing the market down and coming up with lower and lower prices that are still not selling the home.  If you start your Alamogordo real estate off right from the beginning by pricing it in the range that similar homes are SELLING for, not just listing for, then you can be in a better position for more exposure to the home.  (Learn more about pricing from our Sedona real estate foreclosure experts here)

  • Stage it properly.

Often times sellers want to leave up personal photos and momentos, collections and wild colors on the wall. If a buyer sees any work that will need to be done to a home, they will simply go down the street to that brand new home being sold with move in quality. Keep all colors neutral and decorations simple and properly placed. The very best way to get a feel for what Alamogordo buyers are interested in is to go to a model home in a new home development and check out AND take notes on the arrangements.

  • Never Neglect the first impression.

Sell you Alamogordo real estateDraw the buyers in from the first glance. The front of the home is the first picture buyers are going to see. Make it stand out with colorful flowers that compliment the tone of the house. Keep lawns bright green with sulfuric nitrate sprinkled around and if you can't paint the whole house, consider a trim touch up.

With these three points in mind, tackle your sale with gusto. Remember, you want to sell and move out of the home as quickly as possible. Don't slow yourself down by choosing not to get on top of all the rest of the homes on the market.

For more information on how to stage your specific Alamogordo real estate or home contact our team now. We specialize in all areas around Alamogordo and can help come up with a marketing strategy for your particular property.