Smart Tips to Be a Competitive Seller


There are homes selling in the Alamogordo real estate market and those are homes where the seller has determined to be competitive. So many homes now need to rely on the competition rather than what has sold. If you have a better home for a lower price than your competition, your home will get the sale.

   If you are in a position now where you have to sell whether it be for a job or family change or maybe you need to get out financially due to foreclosure then you must know your competition to be able to come in at a lower price for offering more.

  If your house looks better and is priced lower than other homes in the neighborhood, it will sell in this market.

  The other side of the coin is you may need to sell but absolutely must get a certain amount for your home in order to just break even. In this case, you must be willing to go above and beyond all the others in staging and updates.

  You cannot expect to sell your home for more than your neighbor if you can't offer something they don't have. Don't make a seller mistake. If what you have is external and permanent such as a view, be sure to add many pictures to the listing. If it's something you can do to fix up the home, get on it. Update kitchens and bathrooms. Repaint with fresh neutral colors. Get a professional stager if necessary. Do whatever it takes to make your home stand out among all the others in Alamogordo real estate market.

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