What Does a Buyer's Agent Do?


If you are a first time buyer, you probably have been looking through the newspaper, online, perhaps even through our website for great homes in the Alamogordo real estate market. But do you have a buyers agent helping you sort through all the details? What about making an offer? How would you go about finding out more on a home if you became interested?

This is what a buyers agent does for a buyer. Just as the listing agent assists the seller in listing and marketing the home, a buyers agent shows potential homes to the buyer and facilitates the transaction.

Does using a buyers agent cost?

Using a buyers agent costs the buyers NOTHING! That's right. When you enlist the help of a buyers agent the agent is paid on the commission of the home, not from the buyer. When the seller lists the home they agree to pay a certain amount of commission for the agents responsible in selling their home. If there are two agents involved, that commission is split between them. If the listing agent is also the selling agent, they receive all the commission. So you can see why a listing agent would want to sell you their home.

By using a buyers agent, you can ensure the agent has your best interest at heart and is not working for any seller to sell a particular home. They want what is best for you and protect you through the whole transaction. They keep your information confidential and not reveal anything to the seller or the sellers agent that would jeopardize the sale or your information.

Having a buyers agent facilitate the deal also takes a load off your mind. They handle all the paperwork and make sure all documents are legal and protecting. They handle all the earnest money and speak for you on behalf of escrow, lenders and title companies.

Yes, using a buyers agent really does make so much sense. When you are ready to take a look at Alamogordo real estate, feel free to call on us today! We are excellent buyers agents, ready to help you through every step of the process.