Do you really need a home inspection on your Alamogordo real estate?Home Inspection in Alamogordo

So you are going to buy a new home. Maybe you love the home and would buy it regardless of an inspection. Maybe it's only a year old and you think there couldn't be anything wrong with it. Whatever the reason, you may have for not wanting an inspection, even to save a few bucks, may not be the best choice.


An inspection is the best way to learn about your new home. Just to have the information available to you on your Alamogordo real estate is critical. This information from a professional real estate inspector can tell you about the home's structure and any appliance repairs that may be necessary in the future.

By learning about your home's furnace / heat pump, AC unit, duct work and electrical wiring, can prepare you for future investments you may need to make and therefore save money for them. [for more tips, visit our associate in Anchorage real estate]

Example: If you knew your roof was a 20 year roof and it was put on 10 years ago, then you could start to plan for a new roof in about 10 years. The best way to do this, is to put money away each month for that roof when needed. If a new roof costs about $5000 now, add about 20% inflation to that, say $6000 and divide that by the number of months you have left on the roof; 120 months would be 10 years.  If you divide 120 by $6000 you would need to save about $50 a month for a new roof. When the time came to buy the roof, you wouldn't have to create debt or find 6K but you would have it ready for that specific job. Do this for any major appliance in a home and it will save you problems and heartache.

This is just one of the many perks to having an inspection. An inspection will inform you of things you can't see. An inspector will check out the crawl space and attic for leaks, pests and mold. These hidden issues may cause you not to buy the home and releive problems in the future.

An inspector can tell you if the seller is actually telling you the truth about the home from the seller's disclosure. OR expose issues the seller didn't even know about.

For future benefits and to potentially do away with problems it is a great idea to use an inspector. An expert inspector shouldn't cost anymore than $400-$600 unless you choose to get an extension on the inspection with an in depth study of something the inspector found as with a septic system.

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