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Rose Colored Reeds Make up the Name for Beautiful Tularosa New Mexico.

Welcome to Tularosa New Mexico. Home to about 3,000 residents, Tularosa offersTularosa Library folks a simpler way of life and a tight-knit desert community. Known for it's unique attraction to the adobe architecture, Tularosa is a bedroom community just 13 miles north of the larger city of Alamogordo.

Tularosa has an abundance of beautiful Cotton Shade trees and derives it's name from the red or rose colored reeds growing along the banks of the Rio Tularosa. This river which once attracted original settlers as a water source in the desert began what's now known as Tularosa.   In 1863, the Town of Tularosa was formally established and was mapped with forty-nine blocks and water rights distributed and recorded.
The original acequia remains virtually unchanged since then and provides the water for the trees lining the streets, private gardens, and landscaping that give Tularosa its unique character.

In 1979, the Tularosa Original Townsite District, consisting of the original forty-nine blocks on 1,400 acres including 182 buildings, was declared an historic district and recorded in the National Register of Historic Places.
In 2008 Tularosa became an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful. This inspired a local program, Keep Tularosa Beautiful, which received a grant in 2008 of $10,000 for beautification projects around the town.

Tularosa boasts an annual Rose Festival around the first weekend of May. There is an old-timer's picnic, a Rose Queen, arts and crafts - all celebrating the abundance of blossoming flowers. Tularosa also celebrates the Fiesta of St. Francis de Paula. Luminarias line the church plaza and the highway on Christmas Eve, giving a soft glow of welcome to those driving through on U. S. Highways 70 and 54.

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