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In the heart of the Tilarosa Basin is a wonder like no other. The White Sands Monument located just west of Alamogordo New Mexico is home to some of the most breathtaking sights in the state. Over 275 square miles of glistening white sands have created the world's largest gypsum dune field.Alamogordo real estate

Every month this National Park hold various events and activities. Some of the most popular are the Sunset Stroll and the Lake Lucero Tour.

The Sunset Tour is held every evening if weather permits and staff is available. The tour is an easy walk showcasing the plants and animals of the dune fields. This walk is less than one mile and is truly worth the walk.

The Lake Lucero Tour is a reservations only tour held once a month. This three hour tour is directed by one of the rangers on site and discovers more in depth information about the dry lake bed of Lake Lucero.

The White Sands National Monument located near Alamogordo is really something to see in your life time. The Lake Lucero tour is $3 per adult and $1.50 per child with senior discounts. Contact the White Sands National Monument center at 575-679-2599 for more information.

The Alamo/Nelson team of Alamogordo real estate would love to offer more information on our area and give you tours of not only the specific regional sites but of any Alamogordo home you may want to tour that's listed.

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professional organization says

Thanks for sharing the information on this place. Beautiful and so unique.

Northshore Wisconsin real estate says

I would love to visit! Put that on my bucket list.


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